We're now on WordPress!

Lindyroos.com on WordPress

Our new site is up!

Most things are in order, but there are still a few kinks we are working out especially if you are using Internet Explorer – I”d recommend using another browser like Firefox, Safari, etc for your own viewing pleasures.

Thank You 

A big thank you to Russell Maltempo who has hosted our old website for many years.  Thank you for your continued support and allowing the Lindyroos to be on the web for the first time!  You can visit his website here: http://www.russellmaltempo.com/

Another big thanks to Binaebi Akah who has spearheaded the development of  our new website and kick-started us to update to WordPress.  You’ve done an amazing job and we truly appreciate your efforts in getting this website in order.  You can visit her website here: http://www.siriomi.com/